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Trenbolone (Tren) Suspension is the esterless version of Trenbolone for bodybuilders who tend to use it as a pre-workout steroid. Trenbolone is an extremely powerful steroid derived from 19-nortestosterone. It’s so powerful that it got nicknamed the “king of anabolic steroids” becoming the favorite steroid among bodybuilders. It is nowadays super popular among men for its versatile use.
Half-Life: 6-8 hours.
Administration: 1-2x a day.
Dosage: 100-700 mg/week.
Cycle: 4-8 weeks.
Best Used For: Weight Loss, Cutting, Lean Muscle Growth, Bulking, Performance, and Body Recomp.
Female Use: No.
Aromatization: No.
Hepatotoxicity: No.
Anabolic:Androgenic Rating: 500:500
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