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Testosterone Acetate is one of the many variants of testosterone. All it does is increase testosterone hormone levels. It is rarely coming as a single ester, rather it’s part of a multiple testosterone esters mixture. Testosterone is the basic anabolic steroid, used both by professionals and beginners regardless of their needs.
Half-Life: 2-3 days.
Administration: 2-4x a week.
Dosage: 100-1,000 mg/week.
Cycle: 8-16 weeks or lifetime (as TRT/cruise).
Best Used For: Weight Loss, Cutting, Lean Muscle Growth, Bulking, Performance, Anti-Aging, TRT, and Body Recomp.
Female Use: No.
Aromatization: Yes.
Hepatotoxicity: No.
Anabolic:Androgenic Rating: 100:100
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