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Below you’re going to find the best quality Human Growth Hormone on the market. Growth Hormone usually comes in the form of a powder that you need to reconstitute (mix). But some variants come pre-reconstituted.
Growth Hormone (GH) is not an anabolic steroid, although many people tend to think this way. HGH is “the next big thing in bodybuilding” and is also “the fountain of youth”. It is an extremely important hormone both for physique and performance enhancement and for staying healthy. Proper use of HGH is unlikely to cause side effects.
Can Be Used For Weight Loss, Cutting, Bulking, Lean Muscle Growth, Health Purposes, and Body Recomp.
Administration: Intramuscularly (IM) or Subcutaneously (SubQ). Most often SubQ, once a day at night.
Dosage: 1-10 IU a day (depending on the goal).
Cycle: 12 weeks – lifetime (depending on the goal).
Female Use: Yes.
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