Anavar Cycle


Anavar Cycle

You may have heard about Anavar as one of the safest steroids around. While that’s true, you should know how to properly run an Anavar cycle. If you won’t, you might end up being disappointed with the results you get from the cycle or you may end up getting side effects.

That’s why, before you start a cycle, make sure you know everything about this steroid first.

What is Anavar?


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Anavar is the brand name of the active substance Oxandrolone. This is an orally active anabolic and androgenic steroid derived from Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). It has an extremely favorable anabolic to androgenic ratio, being much more anabolic and way less androgenic compared to testosterone. Additionally, it cannot aromatize into estrogen.

Taking all these factors into consideration, Anavar (Oxandrolone) ended up being a very popular steroid.

It makes a great choice for both men and women, for both professionals and beginners as well as for both cutting and bulking cycles.

Info About Anavar Cycle

As with most other compounds out there, Anavar shouldn’t be used continuously without interruption. That’s why this AAS is used in cycles. The compound is used over a period of time then you stop using it for at least the same period to give time to your body to recover.

Don’t run Anavar for too long because of various factors. For example, it becomes less effective over time as your body gets used to it. Additionally, by doing so, you are constantly increasing the side effects and long term damage to your body. For example, Oxandrolone is liver toxic.

Using it for too long might end up with liver damage. Also, like any other steroid, Anavar is suppressive to natural testosterone production. The longer you use it, the higher the suppression rate.

That’s why Anavar cycles usually last 4-8 weeks. The exact period depends on various factors such as your goals, dosage, tolerance level, whether you are a male or female, etc.

Anavar is considered the most popular steroid for women. That’s because it is highly effective and has a lower virilization risk. That’s why Anavar is often called “girls steroid”.

The dosage of Anavar is ranging between 10 mg and 100 mg a day. It highly depends on who uses it, goals, and many other factors.

Check some examples of the Anavar cycle below.

anavar-cycle-amazing-muscles-oxandroloneCutting Male Anavar Cycle

Anavar 50 mg a day; weeks 1 to 8

Testosterone Propionate 30 mg a day; weeks 1 to 8

Arimidex or Aromasin as needed; weeks 1 to 8


  • Some people run the Anavar only cycle. In this case, Testosterone and Arimidex (or Aromasin) are excluded. But best results are seen when Testosterone is added.
  • Arimidex or Aromasin are added to control estrogen. Oxandrolone doesn’t convert into estrogen so without testosterone, they are not needed with the Anavar cycle.
  • Other versions of Testosterone can be used. Test P is used daily. But you may go for Test Enanthate for twice a week injections only.
  • Absolute beginners can start at 30 mg a day, professionals may up to 80 mg a day.
  • Anavar daily dosage should be split throughout the day.

Bulking Male Anavar Cycle

Anavar 50 mg a day; weeks 1 to 8

Testosterone Enanthate 500 mg a week; weeks 1 to 12

Equipoise 500 mg a week; weeks 1 to 12

Arimidex or Aromasin as needed; weeks 1 to 12


  • In a bulking cycle with Anavar, you can’t omit Testosterone. All you can do is change the ester version (and administration protocol accordingly)
  • That’s why you cannot omit aromatase inhibitors either, they are likely to be needed.
  • If you are a beginner, you can and should exclude Equipoise. It was added in this cycle for further bulking results
  • Dosage for professionals can reach 100 mg a day of Anavar but never exceed it.
  • With all Anavar cycles, liver protection is very important!

Female Anavar Cycle


Anavar 20 mg a day; weeks 1 to 6

Clenbuterol as needed


  • 20 mg a day and 6 weeks cycle length of Anavar for a woman is a maximum. The sweet spot for most women is 10-15 mg a day and many of them stop at the 4 weeks mark.
  • Some women add another steroid, but that’s highly increasing risks of virilizing issues. So do higher doses or longer cycle lengths.
  • Clenbuterol is optional. Can be added because Clenbuterol is not a steroid, but it can burn body fat.
  • Anavar solo cycle for a woman is enough. It would help burn fat and grow lean muscles. Generally, display a harder and drier physical appearance.


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